Amazon Prime Day 2019: Date, Best Deals and More


Amazon Prime Day is the biggest retail holiday of the summer. While Amazon hasn't announced its plans for Prime Day 2019 yet, new intel indicates that Amazon's summer sale may fall sometime between July 12 through July 19. Since this will be Prime Day's 5-year anniversary, we're expecting this Prime Day to be the biggest and longest Prime Day celebration ever.

For shoppers, that means more noise as you try to hone in on the few good deals that are actually worth your time. So we're here to help you navigate through Amazon's epic sale. We're unpacking everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Day 2019, from potential dates to the best items to buy. Here's your ultimate Prime Day survival guide.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 at a glance

Prime Day deals are exclusively for Prime members. (Not a Prime member, you can sign up for a free trial here).  

  • Amazon Prime Day 2019 will likely fall on Monday, July 15. 
  • Prime Day 2019 will likely expand from 36 hours to 48 hours or more. 
  • You'll need to be a Prime member to participate. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial here.
  • The best items to buy on Prime Day are Amazon devices.
  • We also expect to see great deals on TVs, Apple gear, and smart home devices.
  • Expect similar sales from Amazon rivals like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target.
  • We predict there will be more Whole Foods deals than ever on Prime Day.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day was originally launched in 2015 to celebrate Amazon's 20th anniversary. However, what started as a simple anniversary sale in 2015 has grown into a global deal-a-thon with sales that exceed $1 billion. Amazon Prime Day offers sitewide discounts on everything from Kindles to HDTVs. The sale has been such massive success that for the past two years Amazon has kept extending it and adding more deals. 

When is Prime Day 2019?

Prime Day 2019 may kick off Monday, July 15, according to home improvement website RealHomes. The website recently received a PR pitch about a Prime Day "Deal of the Day" that starts on July 16. The website was able to confirm that the deal is part of Amazon's Prime Day sale and will run from July 16 to July 17. Assuming Prime Day starts on Monday (as it has the last two years), Prime Day 2019 may stretch from July 15 through end of July 16. Other sources tell Tom's Guide that Prime Day could start as early as July 12. Keep in mind that Amazon hasn't officially announced a Prime Day date. (We've reached out to Amazon for comment and will update our story accordingly).

When will Amazon announce an official Prime Day date?

In the past, Amazon has typically released Prime Day's date during the last week of June. However, last year it waited until July 3 at 1am ET to announce Prime Day 2018. It's safe to say the retailer will likely follow a similar pattern this year and announce Prime Day 2019 during the first week of July. 

What time will Prime Day deals begin?

The first two Prime Day events started at 2:59am (ET) with new deals released every 10 to 5 minutes. Since then, Amazon has tweaked Prime Day's kick off time. 2019 might be the year Prime Day starts at 12pm ET. Here's a quick history of previous Prime Day start times.

  • Wednesday, July 15 (2015) - Kicks off at 2:59am ET. First ever Prime Day.
  • Tuesday, July 12 (2016) - Kicks off at 2:59am ET. Amazon introduces exclusive Alexa deals.
  • Monday, July 10 (2017) - Kicks off at 9pm ET and runs for 30 hours. Now in 13 countries.
  • Monday, July 16 (2018) - Kicks off at 3pm ET and runs for 36 hours. Sales includes Whole Foods. 

It's worth noting that like Black Friday, Prime Day has grown from a 24-hour celebration to a full-on shopping frenzy complete with its own countdown. Prime Day 2017 was a 30-hour event (up 6 hours from the previous year), and Prime Day 2018 was a 36-hour event. This could be the year that Prime Day goes 48 hours or longer. 

I'm not a Prime Member. Should I sign up now?

Prime Day is Amazon's "thank you" to Prime members. As a result, shoppers must be Amazon Prime subscribers to take advantage of any deals. However, if you're not a Prime member, there's still hope. Amazon offers a free 30-day Prime member trial when you first sign up. We recommend waiting until late June or early July to activate your 30-day trial. After the 30 days are up, you can keep your membership and pay $119/year, or cancel it before the free trial expires. Either way, your Prime trial period will let you shop deals on Prime Day.

If you've cancelled a Prime membership in the past 12 months, you don't qualify for the free 30-day trial. So your next best bet is to sign up for a 1-month Prime membership at $12.99/month. Hopefully you'll purchase enough deals that the 1-month membership will pay for itself. After the month is up, you can cancel with no commitment required. Just remember to cancel, because paying $12.99/month for the duration of a year is pricier than Amazon's $119/year membership.

Will my Prime Day shipments arrive on time without FedEx Express? 

FedEx recently announced that it will not renew its FedEx Express domestic contract with Amazon. Amazon may or may not have been ready for this, but one thing is certain — Amazon has been investing in its own shipping infrastructure for quite some time. Moreover, they've already committed themselves to next-day shipping and will likely stick to their plan, even if it takes them a little longer than expected to roll it out. 

According to Amazon, its 1-day shipping is available on more than 10 million products with no minimum purchase required. It's available "coast to coast" on everything from doggie bags to Echo devices.

Not to be outdone, Walmart — Amazon's biggest rival — announced last month that it's rolling out 1-day shipping in Phoenix and Las Vegas effective immediately. Even better, Walmart has no membership fees, whereas an Amazon Prime membership costs $119/year. Target is also jumping onto the expedited shipping bandwagon. Today the retailer announced its expanding its same-day shipping options. Orders are delivered via Shipt's delivery service. Shoppers can sign up for a free four-week trial or pay a $9.99 delivery fee for each order made at 

Can Prime Student members shop Prime Day deals?

Absolutely. Amazon Prime Student members get access to many of the same perks granted to regular Prime members. Moreover, if you're a college student with an edu-based e-mail, you'll get six free months of Prime instead of the traditional 30 days. So go ahead and sign up for that free trial now, it'll be valid for the next six months.        

Which countries will participate in Amazon Prime Day 2019? 

Last year, Prime Day was celebrated in 17 countries including Australia, Japan, Singapore, China, India, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico. It's likely that list may expand this year, although Amazon hasn't commented on what new countries will celebrate Prime Day. Amazon Prime DayAmazon Prime Day

Will Prime Day deals start in June?

For the past two years, Amazon has teased consumers with early Prime Day deals. Let's be honest: The deals are intended to do one thing — build anticipation. That said, not all of them are worth dismissing. Previous examples include an all-time low on the Echo as well as discounts on Amazon services like Amazon Music Unlimited. The deals usually commence on the last week of June and last through the start of Prime Day. The best ones will actually last through the end of Prime Day.   

Where can I shop for Prime Day deals?

Amazon will launch a Prime Day hub in the days leading up to Prime Day. (This was Amazon's 2018 Prime Day hub). That will be your best bet for Prime Day deals. Additionally, we'll be hand-picking Prime Day's best deals for you right on this page. We'll cross check Amazon's prices to ensure we only publish the best deals of the day. If like most people you'll be at work on Prime Day, you can also watch deals on Prime Day from your smartphone by reading our primer. 

Will there be any events leading up to Prime Day?

Prime Day is a digital holiday, but last year Amazon held various "events" during its lead up to Prime Day. Events included everything from a free Ariana Grande concert in New York to a PUBG showdown in Los Angeles. Here's a look at what we saw in 2018 along with predictions on what to expect from Amazon Prime Day 2019.

Free multi-city events:
In 2018, Amazon sent giant "Smile" boxes to New York, Los Angeles, London, Milan, and Tokyo. The "boxes" were opened prior to Prime Day and each box was an actual event based on a Prime member perk, from music to gaming. It's very likely that Prime Day will expand to other global cities in 2019, so we expect to see more multi-city events this year. 

Prime Day Launches: Many brands took advantage of Prime Day to launch new products. Devices included the Delta Single Handle Touch Alexa-Activated FaucetTewell Detachable Bluetooth Sound Bar, and the Crayola 60th Anniversary Crayon Set. These weren't Amazon's best-selling Prime Day devices, but we can see manufacturers once again taking advantage of Prime Day to launch new lines or gadgets.

Can I shop Prime Day deals at Whole Foods?

We predict that Whole Foods will play a massive role in Prime Day 2019. Last year, for instance, Prime members who spent $10 or more at Whole Foods received a $10 Amazon Prime Day credit. (Prime members also got an an extra 10 percent off select items at Amazon's high-end grocery store). We expect more aggressive discounts this year on a wider range of Whole Foods items. We also expect to see Prime Now discounts, especially for members who haven't used the delivery service before. However, although Whole Foods stores sell select Amazon hardware, last year the devices were cheaper online than they were at Whole Foods stores. So if you're shopping for Amazon gear, is your best bet when it comes to discounts.    

Amazon Prime Day devicesAmazon Prime Day devices

Is Amazon Prime Day really about the deals?

The purpose of Amazon Prime Day is simple — to promote Amazon's Prime subscription service. Studies have shown that Prime customers spend more than twice what non-members do, so it's no wonder Amazon is trying to grow its Prime members.

What kind of prices should I expect?

There's no doubt that you'll find great deals on Amazon Prime Day. We just recommend you shop with caution, because not every deal will be a good deal. Make a list of the items you'd like to buy and stick to it. Tools like CamelCamelCamel — a site that tracks the price history of many Amazon products — can help you spot fake deals from true price drops. You'll also want to put in your bookmarks; this site can help determine whether the Amazon user reviews for a given product are legit or fake.

What were 2018's best-selling devices?

Not surprisingly, Prime Day 2018's top-selling devices were all Amazon hardware. Priced at $19.99, the Fire TV Stick was the top-selling device on Prime Day. It was followed by the Echo Dot ($29.99) and the Fire TV Stick 4K ($34.99). Interestingly enough, both the Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick 4K have already hit their Prime Day 2018 prices this year. Does that mean Amazon will sell them for even less this Prime Day? Our prediction is they won't, but there might be credits or discounts you can stack on the sale prices to lower them even more. (Last year, for instance, Whole Foods shoppers got a $10 Amazon Prime Day credit when they spent $15 or more at a Whole Foods store). 

Will Amazon Prime Day offer better deals than 4th of July?

No one likes buyer's remorse and we have one more holiday that stands between us and Prime Day: 4th of July. If you can afford to wait, we recommend waiting the extra days for Prime Day. Yes, a few Echo speakers are already on sale, but we expect these same speakers to be anywhere from $5 to $20 cheaper on Prime Day. If you're shopping for a 4K TV, Apple gear, Amazon/Alexa devices, or any smart home gear — Prime Day will undoubtedly offer better prices than the 4th of July.  

Amazon Prime DayAmazon Prime Day

Will other retailers have sales of their own?

Amazon has managed to make Prime Day into a Black Friday-like holiday. As a result of Amazon's success, other retailers like Walmart and Best Buy have held Prime Day-like sales of their own. One retailer to watch this year is Walmart, which has been matching Amazon's every step. On a few occasions, it's even stolen Amazon's spotlight. Most recently, it launched next-day shipping in Las Vegas and Phoenix. It plans to expand its next-day shipping to all major U.S. cities by year's end. Not to be outdone, Target just announced its expanding its same-day delivery (via Shipt) to cover 65,000 items. 

Can I shop Prime Day deals through Alexa?

Yes. Alexa's role on major holidays like Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day has slowly grown. Not only can Alexa tell you the day's top deals, but you can also purchase them via any Alexa-powered device. (Just make sure you have enabled Alexa Voice Shopping on your device). There is a downside to it, however. You're essentially trusting that Amazon is offering you the best deal without verifying if other retailers have undercut the e-commerce giant. Our take — Alexa Voice Shopping is about convenience. If you're looking to save money, you're better off making purchases the traditional way.