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Apex Legends Battle Pass Coming Next Week With New Character (Report)

Apex Legends has taken the gaming world by storm. And next week, it could have some big new features on offer.

Credit: EA

(Image credit: EA)

Apex Legends will get its first Battle Pass feature starting on Mar. 12, Daily Esports is reporting, citing a source who claims to have knowledge of its plans. The move will mean that, similar to the Battle Pass in Fortnite and elsewhere, players will be able to purchase a path to getting in-game items more easily. But like other titles, the Battle Pass won't actually give the person an in-game advantage over those that didn't buy one.

According to the source, the Battle Pass will be available as "a static item in the shop." It won't be available to purchase with coins.

In addition to launching the Battle Pass feature on Mar. 12, Apex Legends could also get a new legend who goes by the name Octane

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According to the source, Octane will land on the game the same day as the first Battle Pass. The person said that Octane will play a prominent role in helping to promote the Battle Pass, but isn't sure about the character's attributes and what we can expect from the character at launch.

Credit: Daily eSports

(Image credit: Daily eSports)

That said, folks on Reddit published an image of what they said was Octane and the source confirmed to Daily Esports. That character, pictured above, comes with a mask covering the face and goggles. A flak jacket covers the character's chest and gloves are on each hand. A previous leak of Octane's possible abilities suggest that he'll be a high-speed character who can use speed boosts and regain health when he's not being attacked.

EA hasn't commented on its plans for Apex Legends's upcoming content. But considering how quickly the battle royale space is moving — and how much competition all of these games are facing — it would only make sense that a Battle Pass and new characters would be imminent.

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