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Vivendi May Sell Activision Blizzard to Microsoft or Time Warner

Vivendi is strangled by a pile of only slowly declining debt that currently stands at about $15.5 billion. The sale of Activision Blizzard, which is majority-owned by Vivendi, could alleviate the growing pain substantially. The 60 percent stake Vivendi holds is estimated to be worth about $10 billion. According to Reuters, Vivendi may have started fielding potential buyers, which reportedly include Time Warner as well as Microsoft.

When asked for comment, both companies declined to comment on Activision Blizzard, but did not deny their interest either. Similarly, Vivendi did not deny that Activision Blizzard is for sale and said that "all options are on the table". As attractive as Activision Blizzard may be as a game publisher, it would be relatively easy for Vivendi to part ways as it is not a core business for the company.

Founded back in 1853, and headquartered in Paris, Vivendi's heart is in music publishing and TV broadcasting.

  • HEXiT
    il give em 1 dollar for it...
  • what is this.
  • junixophobia
    the company activi$ion is already a big pile o crap and then you want to add micro$oft... wow I can believe its goin to be far worst than that haha

    already with activi$ion the server is down what more with M$, blue screen of DIABLO hahahaha
  • whimseh
    Not Microsoft.......... oh god NOT Microsoft................................
  • kcorp2003
    the moment they sell it to microsoft. call of duty becomes an exclusive for xbox. its already like that too. I also heard that Vivendi owns some of the game reviewers companies websites.

    I wonder what would happen if they merge with their nemesis EA. That will be Armageddon.
  • Khimera2000
    O god, Time Warner? Of all the companies, they manage to find THEM?!?!?!

    At least M$ does games, but Time Warner???? They are the worst company I have ever had the curse of dealing with!

    M$ on this one, choose the better of the two.
  • Pyree
    How about Valve?
  • dudewitbow
    PyreeHow about Valve?Doing so will void any 3rd in a series of games that hasn't been released. Then again, it would be funny to see Blizzard go under Valve which recently had an argument over issues about ownership of DOTA.
  • noobstorm
    i don't even.
  • teodoreh
    At least release the Legacy of the Void and then sell Blizzard to whoever u want - even to the devil himself..