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Europe, Australia Getting White PS3 in November

European and Australian Sony fans envious of the white PS3 made available to Japanese fans this past summer will be pleased to hear that the console is making its way to Europe and Australia just in time for the holiday spending season. Available exclusively through GameStop, both the UK and German branches of the retailer are now taking web preorders for the console, which is available in the 320GB capacity and with two matching Dualshock controllers. Pricing in the UK is set at £250, while German gamers are looking at a €299 pricetag and the Aussies will have to cough up just shy of $450.

Sadly, there's no news on when we can expect the U.S. to get this white PS3, or even if it's headed this way at all. Japan routinely gets a larger selection of consoles in various shades and colors compared to the rest of the world. However, with Europe and Australia now getting the classy, white PS3, we're wondering if it might sometime make its way to North America. Here's hoping!

  • HappyBB
    Wow, I didn't know that white PS3 is not universally available as I just purchased one this past July in my country (Taiwan).
  • mjello
  • lassik
    I think I like this more than the black one.

  • SchizoFrog
    I wonder if Apple will sue?
  • bin1127
    Please release the white one for NA as well. It's just a different colour case, don't be so stingy.
  • Riv4L
    Again, another non-news article just clogging up Tom's along with the spam of Apple "news" i.e rumors, that are just that... unfounded rumors.

    I find this site less and less appealing every day when I see articles like this being written instead of more interesting and insightful news in the world of tech, not just giving large companies free press.
  • stoogie
    Umm Toms hardware if you didnt know, in australia summer is october-feb not WINTER., so dont u mean SUMMER WHITE lol.
  • Gamer-girl
    I don't think it even snows in Australia.
  • julius 85
    M E H
  • Get stuffed America! you get everything first. Just wait in line like a little spoiled child....