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Mass. Gov: It's Video Game Innovation Day

Massachusetts governor Deval L. Patrick has taken it upon himself to proclaim that September 9, 2009 is "Video Game Innovation Day" in his reigning state. The actual declaration can be found here, pointing out that the state is home to "one of the largest and most diverse clusters of video game companies." However, the real reason behind the announcement serves more like an advertisement for The Beatles: Rock Band, officially hitting store shelves today.

"On this day, Harmonix Music Systems, the Cambridge-based inventors of Rock Band and developer of the original Guitar Hero games, is releasing The Beatles: Rock Band, a game that will not only bring the creativity and joy of The Beatles music to countless people, but will introduce the Fab Four to new generations of fans," reads the declaration.

While many states are looking to crack down on video games, it's refreshing to see a state that actually embraces the genre with open arms. In addition to Harmonix's release, the declaration also celebrates the release of two other additional games from developers within Massachusetts: Turbine's free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited and a new season of Quickhit's online football game.

The declaration also points out that MIT students Martin Graetz, Steve Russell and Wayne Wiitanen invented one of the first video games in 1961: Spacewar! This was also the same time period when The Beatles created the "innovative" music found in the new Rock Band title released today.