Steam Keeps Modern Warfare 2 Locked Til Thurs.

Today is November 10, the official release date of Modern Warfare 2. Console gamers have been happily playing for hours. Some went to line up at midnight while others managed to bag themselves a copy earlier this weekend. Either way, anyone who purchased Modern Warfare 2 for the PS3 or Xbox 360 is good to go.

 Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for PC users. Today we learn that Steam users will have to wait even longer to play as the game is locked until Thursday. Valve today confirmed to Kotaku Australia that, despite both using Steam as DRM, those who purchase the game on Steam will have to wait two days before being allowed to play.


Those who purchase the retail copy will be able to activate and play the game on November 10 via Steam.

Those who purchase on Steam will be able to activate and play on November 12.

Yesterday Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling tweeted that the PC version was locked until the official release date, meaning that even if you managed to purchase it on Saturday or Sunday, you still couldn't play.

[UPDATE] User IronRyan21 reports that according to his account, Steam has changed the date to November 11. Anyone else seeing the same thing?

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  • pooflinger1
    Another reason for PC users not to buy the game. Every time we turn around somebody who has some hand in the distribution of MW2 is bending PC gamers over. First, they don't give us the cool versions with NVG like the 360. Then, they take away dedicated servers. Now, they keep it locked for some unfortunate people. The least they could do is give PC gamers a reach around and give us like some extra weapons or something.

    Glad I didn't give them a single penny of my money for this game.
  • Hatecrime69
    Jien MaltiSucks to be you, steam.

    sucks to buy the pc version at all
  • Ramar
    waxdartI've no idea what you mean by that? PCs are no good at games? PC users are unlucky because of steam?

    What rock have you been under? Activision and IW decided to fuck over the PC version of the game. There are plenty of articles on here and other websites about it.

    As for this article: WTF?? This isn't excusable on any level. This is blatant customer disrespect and I am seriously considering never purchasing a single product from Activision again. I am personally irritated with anyone that did buy the PC version, because you supported all this bullshit.
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  • Jien Malti
    Sucks to be you, steam.
  • Hatecrime69
    Jien MaltiSucks to be you, steam.

    sucks to buy the pc version at all
  • ben850