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Woman Addicted to Online Game Neglects Children and Leaves Bodies of Starved Dogs in Living for Two Months

The woman, who was not named for legal reasons, was introduced to Small World by a friend on Facebook late last year. Though she started out only playing an hour per day, she quickly became addicted and the prosecution said her addiction escalated to the point where she was only getting two hours of sleep per night. Her three children, aged nine, 10 and 13, were neglected for six months before the authorities were contacted by a concerned neighbor.

According to the Daily Mail, a neighbor came to the children's rescue when she looked through the letterbox and saw the messy house. When police came to the house, the woman said her home was 'a bit of a mess' and though she allowed them through the rubbish-strewn house, she refused them access to the dining room. When asked why she wouldn't let them into the room, the woman replied:

"All right, my dogs are in there. They are dead. I killed them. I probably starved them, probably because I have been playing the computer game all the time."

The Daily Mail reports that the bodies of her German shepherd and lurcher were left rotting in the living room for two months. The woman is said to have admitted to only purchasing food that didn't need to be cooked, such as baked beans, and apart from feeding her children and getting them off to school, ignoring everything else.

The woman pleaded guilty to three counts of child cruelty and two of animal neglect and was sentenced to a six month suspended jail sentence and 75 hours of community service. Her children have been taken into care.

The woman's lawyer said she had been a competent mother until her husband passed away from a heart attack some years ago. He told Maidstone Crown Court that she hoped to be reunited with her children in the future.

Read the full story on the Daily Mail.

  • Let her two dogs starve to death sounds about fair for her punishment
  • Sick.
  • _Pez_
    Just let her without food for 2 months and let's see what happen to her....
  • cbrownx88
    Disgusting... and I'm an avid gamer
  • pbrigido
    There are very few things that really piss me off, but when I hear about children and animals suffering from the neglect of an individual....just makes my blood boil.
  • Shadow703793
    Please remove said offender from the gene pool.
  • grieve
    She only got 6 months? Seriously!

    How disgusting! I don't know what’s worse; a parent who neglects her three children and lets the family dogs die or a legal system that only gives this person 6 months. Psychological assistance is required!

    Facebook is a virus….
  • The picture accompanying the article is actually from the board game Small World. I didn't think there was an online version of that game. Sure it's not actually
  • Kami3k
    And look at that, it was a Facebook game lmfao.
  • alexinnes
    I know i play a lot, but still...jeez