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Samsung Says You Need a Fridge With Wi-Fi

Samsung revealed its new Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerator in South Korea, solidifying rumors that the company was incorporating wireless technology into consumer appliances.

The heading of this article asks if we really need such a device, and at first thought, it seems rather silly. But after checking out the features, adding Wi-Fi to a fridge does make sense.

According to the Samsung Hub, the new Zipel e-diary features a 10-inch screen mounted on the top-right door, integrated Wi-Fi, and is compatible with DLNA devices so you can play your favorite TV clips while looking for that mayo.

The screen can actually be used to take notes, display current weather conditions, and can even sync with Google Calendar. It can also show more than 500 different varieties of food and their nutritional values and pull up current news from the Internet. The display can even serve as a digital frame by importing images from a memory card, or wirelessly through the network.

While no expected ship dates were provided for the States, the Zipel e-diary refrigerator will cost around $2170 USD.