Rovio Unveils Bad Piggies (of Angry Birds) Gameplay

Though the company has teased its fans for over a year now, it wasn't until earlier this month that Rovio announced its Angry Birds spin-off, Bad Piggies. After years of being squashed by millions of players around the world, the pigs will finally have their chance in the spotlight. Set to release next week on September 27, Bad Piggies finally has its first gameplay trailer.

Bad Piggies Gameplay Trailer

Although the gameplay does look promising, Rovio has a lot of pressure on its hands. Bad Piggies will be the first standalone title that is still a part of the Angry Birds universe and isn't some sort of seasonal re-release or space-themed alternative. While sticking with Angry Birds' physics roots, the game promises an entirely different take on the birds vs pigs war.

Rather than flinging birds into complicated fortresses made of stone, wood or glass, players will find themselves building complex vehicles and aircraft in order to steal as many succulent eggs as possible. Even if you aren't a die hard Angry Birds fan, it looks like Bad Piggies may be worth a try for the piggie back story alone. After all, we do owe it to the poor guys after crushing them repeatedly over the years.


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  • burnley14
    I don't really like angry birds, this sounds like a much more fun game to me. I'll try the free demo :)
  • qu3becker
    This would have made the best Lego game around. Not bad Rovio.
  • alidan
    looks fun. but is it? banjo kazooie nuts and bolts proved that a good concept could be applied to the wrong game.