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Project Natal Coming November 2010?

Looks like Microsoft's original plans to launch Project Natal in Spring 2010 have been flushed down the toilet, as a recent "leak" reports that the motion sensing technology will hit retail outlets worldwide just in time for the holidays... the 2010 holidays, that is. The news stems from a recent behind-closed-doors tour of Microsoft given to UK publishers and studios.

According to MCV, Microsoft held the tour to sport Project Natal and stir up a bit of excitement for the upcoming tech. Sources indicate that the company is spouting details concerning the 2010 release, and even admits that it plans to cough up 5 million units at launch, some of which will be console bundles, with the rest as solo Natal units.

Currently the estimated price of Project Natal sold without the Xbox 360 console is around $83 USD. MCV claims one "publishing source" to reveal that Natal's price may sink even lower, possibly costing $50 USD. Apparently, the idea is to settle on a pricetag that focuses on the "impulse buyer."

As for games, there will be 14 ready at launch. It's believed that many will be provided by first-party studios (Rare was mentioned), with third-party titles to follow. Of course, the November 2010 date may not be set in stone, as this bit of news is more word of mouth than anything official. Expect something more substantiated in the following weeks.

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