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C-Jump Programming Board Game is Geekier Than D&D

You may remember playing some classic board games while growing up such as Monopoly, Scrabble or Clue but you probably didn't pay much attention to their educational value. Unfortunately for some kids, the c-Jump board game is a bit more direct in its educational approach. Designed to teach the basics of programming language, c-Jump has geeky kids (or adults) competing to see who can race down the mountain first.

The $25 board game over at Think Geek states:

In c-jump, to win the race down the mountain, you must think like a computer programmer! Designed for middle school aged geeklings (or older geeks new to programming), c-jump teaches basic programming language commands like "if", "else", and "switch" and also introduce variable "x" concept. By moving around the board, entering loops, branching under conditional and switch statements, players get an understanding of how computer programs work while having fun.

While the idea is definitely an intriguing one, we aren't sure if kids will be too thrilled to fire up a game of c-Jump at their next birthday party. After all, learning the basics of computer programming isn't any where near as fun or educational as LARPing as a Jedi, where you happen to learn the essential life skills of lightsaber combat.