It's the World’s Largest Projected Capacitive Display

Tuesday during SIGGRAPH 2011, Perceptive Pixel unveiled an 82-inch true multi-touch, projected capacitive (pro-cap) LCD display, the largest optically bonded flat-panel pro-cap display in existence. Typically the word "projected" is associated with "bulky," but that's not the case with with this monster display: its form factor only measures six inches in depth.

"For computer graphics and animation professionals, touch interactivity has opened up new possibilities for how they interact with and showcase their work," the company said during the show. "Perceptive Pixel’s new 82-inch wall display is ideal for use in creative, collaborative environments such as design reviews, concept pitches, storyboarding and brainstorming sessions, among others."

According to the specs, the display offers a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, a 120 Hz refresh rate, a touch response time of <1ms and "mission critical" reliability. As previously indicated, it's optically bonded, has near-zero parallax, and can detect an unlimited number of simultaneous touches so that users can work independently or in a group setting.

“Multi-touch has become fundamental to the way we interact with technology,” said Jeff Han, founder and chief scientist, Perceptive Pixel. “Five years ago here at SIGGRAPH, we introduced the first large-scale true multi-touch display based on rear projection technology. I’m proud to be back at SIGGRAPH 2011 with another industry first – a truly flat-panel 82" display featuring the highly responsive, unlimited multi-touch experience that is the hallmark of our company.”

For those currently attending SIGGRAPH 2011, Perceptive Pixel is showcasing the 82-inch beast in the Nvidia booth (#453).

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  • Prince_Porter
    I'd love one of these in place of a much needed whiteboard. It would be great for project planning, and it's massive, which just makes it that much cooler.
  • BruceOTB
    82inch + "Full HD" = LAME
  • Pyree
    Can it do better than 1080p. I did some calculation, if it can only do 1080p, that means each physical pixel is about 0.95mm. That is huge!
  • zybch
    PyreeCan it do better than 1080p. I did some calculation, if it can only do 1080p, that means each physical pixel is about 0.95mm. That is huge!I just moved from 24" to 27" screens with the same 1080HD resolution and the increase in pixel pitch was immediately noticeable and now I get distracted by the graininess unless I sit further back (which completely negates the larger display area anyway).
    For a massive 82" display designed to be used at touch distance the resolution is just awful.
  • Blessedman
    I am sure they could have bumped the resolution of the monitor up but not the touch.
  • doorspawn
    Agree with most of the above - that resolution is pathetic.
    Standing that close, letters will probably be larger than 5mm (for capitals) with lots of aliasing.
    It might be good for 3D movies in large rooms, but definitely not for standing next to.
  • Assmar
    PyreeCan it do better than 1080p. I did some calculation, if it can only do 1080p, that means each physical pixel is about 0.95mm. That is huge!So true, god only knows that my arms length is not the proper viewing distance for a 82" 1080p display.
  • digiex
    @spammer, your spam would be very visible in LCD display that measures 82-inches diagonally and 6-inches deep, and salted as the "world's largest."

    So post it there, not here!
  • CKKwan
    At this size, even at full HD, a pixel is 0.95mm width, consider very large when you are standing in front.
  • K-zon
    Well, to say either way for the size in some say "retro-spect" the distances might be farther away. for the resolutions, otherwise, getting something like almost 10k by 10k, would be the idea.

    But some thoughts would say probably need a screen in that size even for lower. Suggesting the 1920 x 1080.