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Spotted: PSP2 Equipped With Two Cameras

The PSPGo was not what we expected, nor was it what we were hoping for. Even Sony has admitted that the device was kind of an experiment. Still, hope remains, while we all eagerly await the release of the yet to be confirmed PSP2.

VG247 claims to have obtained the world's first pictures of the PSP2 dev-kit. Though a watercolor painting probably would have been clearer, we're not ones to turn our noses up at leaked images, so we'll just go ahead and point out that clearly visible are twin analogue sticks, along with forward- and rear-facing cameras and a rear trackpad.

Though the images clearly show a horizontal, slider design, VG247 cites a source that says this slider design has since been abandoned for a brick/candybar design more conducive to cooling.

The PSP2 is expected late in 2011.

Source: VG247