Boy Falls onto Train Tracks While Playing PSP

A 10-year-old boy from Loreto, Milan, got a refresher class in ‘watching where you’re putting your feet 101’ when he accidentally stepped off a subway platform. Absorbed in his PSP game, the boy took one step too far past the yellow line and fell onto the tracks. Luckily for him, policeman Alessandro Micalizzi acted fast and hopped down onto the tracks to return him to safety before he suffered anything worse than a couple of bumps and bruises.

We’re assuming he won’t be suing the rail company or transit authority for not having a guardrail in place, but in these situations, you never know.

Check the video of the rescue below!

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  • plznote
    The video was funny, But I felt sad for him.
  • Trialsking
    plznoteThe video was funny, But I felt sad for him.

    Normally I would rip into someone, but he's a kid and kids tend to do dumb things. I sure hope he is ok because it looks like he hit pretty hard. I guess he may just put down the PSP from time to time now.
  • cookoy
    do we need more legislation to keep our stupidity from hurting us?