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Nokia Hosts Angry Birds Championship

Nokia has just got through hosting what appears to be the first ever Angry Birds Championships. Already home to The World Sauna Championship, The World Mobile Phone Throwing Championship, The World Wife Carrying Championship, and The World Air Guitar Championship, Nokia’s native Finland was the venue of choice for this particular gaming event and it saw 19-year old Jonas Koivula beat 2,599 other hopefuls to the top prize of a trip to Hollywood.

Jonas said he practiced for two months in preparation for the finals, which just 32 contestants qualified for. Among them were a boyfriend-girlfriend duo and a six-year-old boy who had to borrow his dad’s smartphone to practice. Each round of the tournament consisted of two competitors each playing four Angry Birds levels. The points are totaled and winner advances to the next round. All of the devices used during the event were Nokia N8s.

Now, if you find yourself yearning to take part in the next Angry Birds championship, we have good news! Kinda. While Nokia hasn’t said this will be a regular event, the company hinted on its blog that it’s possible another Angry Birds championship might take place elsewhere in the world.

Check the video below to see what kind of talent you’re up against should Nokia decide to hold another one.