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WD ShareSpace NAS Brings IT Home

ShareSpace—WD’s Digital Stronghold

The small-but-beefy ShareSpace has been bulked up with four terabytes of storage space (a two-terabyte version is also available), and tricked out with lots of management features, but its not supposed to require the elite touch of an IT support staff. In short, the ShareSpace is supposed to be its own muscle.

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The ShareSpace looks, quite literally, looks like a hell storm-proof safe that might be stuffed full of rubies, diamonds, deeds, and identification papers. It weighs nearly 11 pounds, but has been compacted into a 6.3 x 7.8-inch footprint only 7.7-inches tall. Its jewelry-box size and steel-gray exterior easily blend in with any office décor or desk. The thing is nearly invisible, so it’s tough to believe its four drive bays have space to contain approximately 1.5 million digital photographs.

It doesn’t get hot, or make a lot of noise. WD says the ShareSpace contains the company’s GreenPower drives which, according to the company, consume 33% less power than other drives. But while the NAS many not be power-greedy, it demands more attention than it should.