Modern Warfare 2 Goggles Are For Perverts

British magazine The Daily Star--thriving on topics such as Celeb News, Celeb Babes, and Video Vixens--is poking fun at gamers and the upcoming title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Specifically, the rag is calling out the $150 Prestige Edition that contains a bundled pair of night vision goggles. While the idea is rather cool, unfortunately, British journalists may have a point when saying the goggles are a bad idea.

"GEEKY computer game fans are set to become an army of ogling pervs thanks to a giveaway of night-vision goggles with an edition of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," reports Daily Star's Ciaran Hannah. "Hordes of joy-pad junkies are rubbing their hands in anticipation and some have already admitted they will use the goggles for “stealth dogging” and to spy on gay cruising spots."

The site points to one forum junkie on admitting that the goggles will be good for stealth dodging and cruising as mentioned in Hannah's comment. Another example was a forum post indicating that the goggles will let users "become the Peeping Tom you've always wanted to be." While the posts were probably sarcasm at best, The Daily Star evidently took the comments seriously.

But the sad truth is that there are probably gamers who may actually want the goggles for peeping on the hottie next-door, or to use them in other mischievous ways. Is Activision making a bad move by supplying gamers with the goggles? We'll see next month when the game hits retail shelves just in time for the Turkey Day holidays.

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