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Massachusetts Department of Transportation Pulling Violent Videogames from Rest Stops

The reaction against violent videogames has been severe. Recently, a town in Connecticut near Newtown organized a drive to collect and destroy videogames, which it has subsequently cancelled since then on a claim that their goal of educating the community on violent videogames had been achieved.

Now, according to the Boston Globe, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation is pulling violent videogames from rest stops on the Massachusetts Turnpike. Transportation Secretary Richard Davey explained that the move made sense in light of the shooting at Sandy Hook, "Bottom line is I think there isn’t a person who doesn’t ­believe that there isn’t too much violence in our society, and games can glorify that.

“A video game in a public space could be used by anybody of any age. At the end of the day, those games are there to entertain kids, probably for a few minutes, while their parents are resting from a long trip."

Among the games removed were Time Crisis and Beach Head 2000. Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man, and Cruis'n Exotica remained at the rest stop in Natick.



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