Check Out Mark Zuckerberg's House with Oprah

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg stopped by Oprah to share some details about his usually very private life and you might be surprised at just how normal this guy is.

A lot of people might think Zuckerberg lives in a house with wall-to-wall hottubs and a live-in staff waiting on him hand and foot. The CEO has never before released pictures of the inside of his house. However, this week, as part of his plans to donate $100 million to the Newark school system, Mark invited chatshow queen Oprah and her camera crew to take a look around the house he lives with his girlfriend Priscilla Chan.

Though not many people will have any interest in Zuckerberg's Oprah appearance beyond the fact that he lives in a rented and modestly furnished house in Palo Alto, his interview is actually quite interesting and focuses on his plans to donate $100 million to Newark's school system. Oprah revealed that Mark actually wanted to donate the money anonymously but that she talked him into announcing his good deed on her show.

She also acknowleged that Mark had wanted to give the money at the beginning of September but couldn't because she wasn't on the air that week. The timing of the Facebook CEO's donation has led to speculation that he's only donating the money to combat bad press generated by the Social Network, which is hitting cinemas this coming Friday.

If you don't feel like watching the whole interview, skip to 2:20 of part two for the shots of his home and girlfriend.

Source: YouTube (via BusinessInsider)

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