Iron Man Biker Suit Finally Out and for Sale

Remember that Iron Man Mark V Biker Suit we featured a couple of weeks ago? It's finally on sale, at a price way beyond the average Joe's budget. Unfortunately, the functionality is pretty one-dimensional.

Look, we're not asking for a motorcycle suit with repulsors or an arc reactor to power the bike. But using reflectors instead of actual LED lights? That's a wasted opportunity. The entire set costs $1300, but parts of the outfit are sold separately:

Jacket: $599.00 USD

Pants: $422.00 USD

Boots: $198.00 USD

Gloves: $79.00 USD

MasterCard and Visa holders can enter into more debt, courtesy of a 3-payment plan. More info available on the product page.

  • gncs91
    kinda gay ;)
  • mlopinto2k1
    No way would I ever wear that.
  • jaysbob
    for $1300 you get what looks like a leather children's Halloween costume; and you don't even get the cool plastic mask.
  • RipperjackAU
    Lookie here... Instant Cosplay!
  • N.Broekhuijsen
    MasterCard and Visa holders can enter into more debt, courtesy of a 3-payment plan.
    Oh but with that kind of protection for on your bike, people won't be able to live to make the 3rd payment. Need some proper knee padding, elbow padding etc. Just leather doesn't do everything, I've seen enough nasty accidents with leather only suits.
  • theuerkorn
    Sure wouldn't want to be seen in that one. Looks like a cheap (and gaudy) replica attempt. Seriously, more of a child's dress-up toy than biker equipment. Of course the price ... well, it's one way your kids won't ask for it. ;-)
  • sliem
    Holy crapppp, what a ripoff.
    Unless it comes with a date with Scarlett J.
  • flaminggerbil
    Considering you can get safer looking/better quality gear for far less and not look like a complete dick, I'm not sure who would buy this.
    It's not even that recognisable as ironman...
  • tethoma
    Most geeks who would want that probably don't own a motorcycle.
  • Regulas
    mlopinto2k1No way would I ever wear that.I second that, it's ugly and like the first post, looks gay.