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A Fully Immersive VR Entertainment System

Unveiled at the 3D & Virtual Reality Expo in Japan, Crescent Inc.'s new entertainment system offers a fully immersive virtual reality experience. The system makes use of a wearable helmet-like display allowing the user to step into a full 360 degree virtual world. In addition to the head-mounted display, the Immersive Digital Entertainment system also makes use of high definition motion capture cameras allowing the user's movements to be captured and displayed in real time. This also allows the system to keep track of any objects picked up by the user.

Although the first thoughts of this system may be for an incredible virtual reality gaming experience, Crescent Inc aspires to bring a whole new type of entertainment system. The company hopes to combine the virtual reality system with other devices for a unique new experience. Check out the video below for more information about the device and to see it in action.