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Guitar Hero coming to Arcades

Guitar Hero : coming to an arcade/bar near you!

The Guitar Hero franchise has sold millions of copies worldwide and generated copious amounts of revenue for publisher Activision. Now, in a move that will make the heralded series available on an even wider scale, Activision plans to bring Guitar Hero to arcades across the globe with the help of Raw Thrills and Konami.

“Basically, Konami approached us with the deal, ” said Raw Thrills VP Andrew Eloff. "I was thrilled. The thing with ‘Guitar Hero’ that’s so frightening is there’s so much licensing [music, patents] associated with it. We’re not set up to do all that. When Konami came to us, asking us if we wanted to develop ‘Guitar Hero, ’ we felt like this was a perfect symbiotic relationship. ”

While the game won’t be available until sometime in 2009, Eloff is already confident that Guitar Hero Arcade will be a smash hit. “We have more pre-orders on this game than ever, than we’ve ever seen — ever, ” he said. “It’s amazing. It’s doing very, very, very well. ” Just like the console version of Guitar Hero, the arcade edition will be able to download new songs with an Internet connection, allowing for an endless stream of new music for customers. As for the guitar itself, Raw Thrills describes it as a "hybrid" between the Guitar Hero III axe and the new guitar that is packaged with Guitar Hero : World Tour.

Some are wondering why Konami, who already dominates the arcade scene, would help bring a competitor into the market. However, when one considers how much money could be made (see: DDR or any other music game in arcades today) , it becomes clear that DDR, GuitarFreaks (Konami’s own "guitar simulator" ) , and Guitar Hero could coexist. Most arcades carry multiple music games, and with the fervor that will follow GH: Arcade into the market, it seems likely that most venues would just make room for an attraction instead of selling off a DDR machine that is still pulling in money