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Special Glasses Forces Gamers to Blink

Japan's Masunaga Optical Manufacturing has devised a set of glasses--the Wink Glasses--specifically focused on gamers who thrive on three-day marathon sessions. Costing around $150 (15,750 yen) and slated for an August 10 release in Japan, the glasses literally forces the wearer to blink to avoid eyestrain.

According to Impress Watch, a sensor mounted on the right arm monitors eye blinking and limits the open-eye state to 5-second intervals. If the eyes go beyond the limit, the sensor blocks the eyes by fogging up the attached glass panel until the player is forced to blink.

The Wink Glasses can hold an eight-hour charge, however the specs can also acquire electrical juice by plugging into the PC's USB port.

Although MOM's motives behind the glasses are admirable, it's a wonder if anyone will actually purchase the specs willingly. Still, glasses mounted with the air-blowing device (for glaucoma tests) used at the eye doctor would be more effective than simple fog.