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Android 2.3 Gingerbread Coming Dec 6

As an Android user, there has been a large number of app updates flowing from the Android Market within the last week or two, more so than usual. It's as if developers are getting their apps updated for the next OS revision without actually specifying the Gingerbread release within their individual Market listings.

We're also aware that Android v2.3 Gingerbread is definitely on the way, and on the way soon. When that is exactly only Google knows, however the latest rumor is that the search engine giant will officially kick-start Gingerbread's coming-out-of-the-oven party on December 6th.

After all this time of waiting, that's a very precise date. Now here's why: that's the day Andy "Mr. Android" Rubin will be making an appearance at the "D: Dive Into Mobile" show taking place in San Francisco on December 6. This date will also be exactly three weeks since Eric Schmidt said the rollout would take place "within the next couple of weeks."

At this point, the December date is mere speculation, just like it was believed that Schmidt would reveal Gingerbread during the Web 2.0 Summit. But there's good reason behind all the anticipation-- the graphical overhaul and the possibility that Android users can do away with the wallet by using an Android device to purchase goods from participating retailers.

Still at any case, we'll just have to hang tight and wait to see if Andy Rubin finally serves up Gingerbread on a nice shiny platter. Knowing our luck, Gingerbread will be released alongside the upcoming beta of Chrome OS sometime next month.