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GameStop: MW2 Release Was Corporate Decision

Early this weekend, GameStop broke the street date for Activision's Modern Warfare 2. The retailer said it had special permission to break the official November 10 date because of smaller, "mom and pop" stores that had already broken the date. However, it seems Activision did no such thing.

A company spokesperson told both Joystiq and Kotaku that Activision did not give any retailer permission to sell the title early and went on to reiterate the official street date.

"Activision has not given any retailer permission to sell Modern Warfare 2 prior to the Nov. 10 street date. The company fully supports the Nov.10 street date."

GameStop has since said the decision to sell Modern Warfare 2 before November 10 was a corporate one. Chris Olivera, vice president for corporate communications at GameStop's Grapevine, Texas headquarters contacted Kotaku on Sunday night to confirm that the company had made an executive decision to release the game in markets where the street date had already been broken.

This past weekend, GameStop made the decision to break street date and sell reserved copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in select markets where other retailers had broken street date. Our decision followed many conversations with Activision and was an effort to protect our customer base.

  • adillhoff
    Fail game is fail.
  • lubitz_420
    ha ha thats funny game retailers are becoming more impatient then the kids that play the games, or the adults for that matter can't wait for this one MW was great on xbox live hopefully this one lives up to the hype surrounding it, after all it is just a game
  • If I were in charge I would do the same thing so my company wouldn't end up with a bunch of copies stuck on the shelf due to other retailers early release.
  • JofaMang
    Oh, I didn't realize hell froze over... the real street date for a lot of us Boycotters!
  • darkknight22
    lol i'm going to laugh even harder if Microsoft doesn't get the memo and hits them with a console ban for playing before street date.
  • eklipz330
    fuck gamestop and fuck activision. i hope they sue eachother
  • Yeah, Activision can suck a big hard one.. Who takes out Dedicated servers for FPS games and then tells us that they don't give a shit.. I hope they lose a shitload of money on this release...
  • cknobman
    GameStop can burn in hell for all I care. I hope they get sued and lose. They are the biggest f'ing scam out there when it comes to games.

    I stopped going there when:
    I go to trade in Sacred 2 and they offer only $17 WITH my card discount and then I walk over to the shelf and the games sells for 59.99 new 54.99 used. 1/3 of the fracking price their gonna turn around and sell it for??? Then they had a trade in 4 get $20 extra but 3 of the 4 games I take in they say "dont qualify". I actually told them to go fuck off and instead of spending $60 there on Batman Arkham Asylum I sold Sacred 2 on ebay for $32 and bought Batman from Amazon for $49 no tax free shipping.

    Ill never give gamestop another dime of my money.

    And for can f_ck off too. Blatantly screwing pc gamers and then publicly stating you dont give a sh_t. Ill never buy another one of your games either.

  • aaronb09
    Companies don't care about PCs anymore there is enough idiots to buy there half assed console games to make them happy. The gaming market is turning to a piece of crap, just same franchises over and over again and i swear with less and less content and supposedly New DLC content which is probably just Held back content to take more money.. Then of course game stops stupid trade in programs Gimmick pre-order BS.. of course there is exceptions out there, def some good innovative games but that is becoming less and less...
  • aaronb09
    Im also sick and tired of console games running like crap, HOW IS A GAME GOLD when there is frame rate issues? broken network play ect. AT LEASED On a PC GAME YOU CAN FREAKING adjust the damn graphics.. I liked it better when PC and consoles were there own things..