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Review: Flip SlideHD Pocket Cam

Pocket Full Of Videos

Since the release of the original Flip camcorder, the design cues for competing compact video camcorders--like Creative Labs’ Vado HD, Kodak’s Zi8, and even Cisco-owned Flip’s later efforts including the UltraHD--have been reduced to cookie-cutter designs, with a lens at one end and a preview screen on the back. With the release of the Flip SlideHD, mini-cam design has been turned on its head once again. The new design—you guessed it– slides open to reveal a large touch screen.

This innovative design could change the way videos are shot, viewed and shared by turning the act of powering-up, recording and uploading into a near hassle-free event. What good is a camcorder you can’t be bothered to use?

On the downside, this Flip is bigger, heavier and much more expensive than the competition, and it can’t record full 1080p videos.

Flip SlideHD


4 Stars

+ Innovative flip and pivot design

+ 4 hours of HD recording time

+ Large touch-screen

+ Excellent software

+ Surprisingly good video

- Larger and heavier than competition

- Expensive

- Can’t record 1080p video

- No SD card slot

- 90-day warranty