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Final Fantasy XIV Coming to X360, PC

Destructoid reports that Final Fantasy XIV is heading to the PC and the Xbox 360 console. As a follow-up to the lackluster Final Fantasy XI MMOG, Sony originally announced at E3 2009 that the upcoming MMOG sequel was an exclusive for the PlayStation 3. After the announcement, Square Enix was forced to clarity the "exclusivity" aspect, revealing that a PC version could eventually be released--the company was still considering the hardware requirements (story).

However, just recently the PC and Xbox 360 versions were somewhat made "official" by a LinkedIn resume uploaded by Square Enix employee Yuuki Akama. Unfortunately, the profile is now gone. It's possible that this "leak" was reported back to Square Enix and that Akama was forced to close the LinkedIn account.

Nevertheless, Destructoid said that his resume specifically stated that the game was heading to all three platforms. Could it have been a typographical error? Probably not--the the removal of the profile solidifies the could-be rumor. We're betting Square Enix wasn't too thrilled.

With the game now somewhat "officially" heading to the PC and Xbox 360, it's assumed that Square Enix and Microsoft finally came to an agreement on how the MMOG would run on Microsoft's Windows/Xbox Live network. Square Enix told VG247 last year that there were concerns over the specific policies used with Live that "is different from the Internet."

It shouldn't be a surprise that the game is heading to the Xbox 360. What will be interesting is the possibility that all three platforms will come together in one virtual world... a place where console haters and PC haters merge into one big happy family.