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Epic Game's Fortnite PC Exclusive, First to Use UE 4

Epic Games has unveiled a few more details on the Minecraft slash Team Fortress 2-inspired Fortnite at the San Diego Comic-Con taking place this week.

Producer Tanya Jessen explained that Fortnite's gameplay would be centered on survival in a post-apocalyptic setting. Players must scavenge for materials to build fortifications, all while killing zombie-like enemies called the Husks. Essentially, think of it as amore-polished version of Minecraft:

"Building is really the core of the game. Everything you find allows you to build and improve your structure," said Jessen, when explaining Fortnite's mechanics.

Scavenging involves breaking structures down for raw materials, which can then be used in building. Constructed structures can be edited as needed, although more complicated "Rube Goldberg type stuff," according to Epic Design Director Cliff Bleszinski, won't be "in the first version, but it's kind of a no-brainer later."

On the technical side, Bleszinski revealed that Fortnite would be a PC exclusive and the first game to be designed with Unreal Engine 4 technology. Unfortunately, though Epic did bring prototypes of Fortnite, they were all running in Unreal Engine 3. The only glimpses of Fortnite running on UE4 were shown in screenshots, which you can see for yourself Epic Games's site

There's no pricing plan and questions about Fortnite's release date was met with a vague "We're trying to put the game out as soon as we can," from Jessen.