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EA Launches Battlefield 4 Site, Game Footage Coming Soon

Though EA announced that it had no plans to put the Battlefield series on a yearly release cycle and pit it in direct competition against Activision's Call of Duty, it's already unveiled a Battlefield 4 teaser page via the official Battlefield website. There's no harm in a little bit of really, really early pre-release hype.

For now, the Battlefield 4 page is empty beyond an interactive image that features a rain soaked window. Users can "wipe away" the rain to reveal a tank in the background.

The page also encourages users to sign up to unlock Battlefield 4 art. "The more fans who log in," reads the page, "the more we'll reveal."

The site also promises that a first look into gameplay will come on March 27th, smack in the middle of GDC. While the gameplay will likely be standard FPS mechanics—but who knows, maybe we'll be surprised—and won't be blowing anybody's mind, it'll also be a glimpse into just how good Battlefield will look for next-gen.

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