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Duke Nukem: D-Day Teased Not DNF

We just can't seem to get enough gossip when it comes to Duke Nukem. After all, the iconic hero has been around for over a decade, and like Michael Jackson, made such an immediate impression that he was the talk of the town for years. Unfortunately, like the King of Pop, Duke has seen his share of under-the-table jokes, most notably the Dukem Nukem Forever PC game and its seemingly infinite development.

After 3D Realms closed its doors and laid off the DNF development team in May 2009, hordes of screenshots and renders began to infiltrate our defenses thanks to ex-employees looking for work. Soon Duke Nukem Forever was back in the spotlight, reminding all of us who fell sleep waiting on the game that it's still kicking around somewhere on a hard drive like an alien embryo waiting to break through its host's chest cavity. Hopes of a final DNF product quickly came to an end when Take 2 took notice and went after George Broussard and Scott Miller.

Now Duke has resurfaced again, this time in a new teaser image on Facebook. Located here on this new Duke Nukem account, the "preview" image of D-Day features what looks like an armored-clad EDF soldier--possibly Duke although he wouldn't be that lame--firing what looks to be a chaingun cannon at the Cycloid Emperor in a highly-detailed stadium.

But don't get all liquored up and race across the rooftops yelling "Duke Nukem Forever is here! Duke Nukem Forever is here!!" Indeed, Duke Nukem Forever is locked away in a vault forever, assets and all, until the legal dispute is resolved. With that said, it's entirely possible this is a new Duke Nukem game using the old PlayStation 2 game title--one that never made it to the market. Or, it could be D-Day resurrected and revamped for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Stay tuned, and cross your fingers that this will be the non-Forever Duke Nukem FPS game for the PC we've been waiting for... well, for forever.

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