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Direct2Drive Refusing to Sell Modern Warfare 2

Oohhh dem's fightin' words! Online game retailer Direct2Drive, owned by the IGN Network, is calling rival platform Steam a "Trojan Horse." According to Kotaku, Direct2Drive is refusing to sell Activision's highly anticipated PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 because the game is embedded with Valve's Steamworks software.

Considering the immense popularity of the game, that's a rather bold move. However, Direct2Drive isn't alone: online retail outlets Impulse and Gamersgate are also refusing to sell the game for the very same reason. "We don't believe games should force the user to install a Trojan Horse," a spokesperson for Direct2Drive told Kotaku.

So what's the big deal? The popularity of the game should invite distributors to sign on with anticipated, sky-scraper-sized dollar signs in their eyes. After all, Modern Warfare 2's release is slated to be the biggest ever in gaming history. But despite the hype, all three outlets have expressed their dislike of Steamworks and the way it forces players to use Steam's storefront; the software's DRM and save-game management don't seem to be an issue.

Direct2Drive told Activision and other publishers that it will not sell digital versions of PC games bundled with Steamworks until Valve "decoupled its retail marketplace" from Steam's other services. The online retailer said that its beef is not with Activision, and to make up for lost revenue, the company is applying $5 coupons to select Activision titles.