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DoS Attack Planned for Australian Gov. Tonight

Earlier today, the Australian Attorney General's Department (AGD) revealed that it was aware of a denial-of-service attack planned on the government's web servers. A group of online pranksters, called "Anonymous," made the threat on YouTube last month, and plans the launch the DoS attack tonight at 6PM EST / 3PM PST. Apparently the attack serves as a protest against the government's mandatory ISP filtering proposal.

"The Australian Federal Police are leading the investigation into these cyberattacks," an AGD spokesperson told ZDNet Australia. "The government considers cybersecurity to be one of Australia's top national security priorities, as expressed by the prime minister in his National Security Statement last year."

As reported by ZDNet Australia, Anonymous has achieved some online notoriety for its previous attacks against the Church of Scientology website. In this case, the group promises that it will not hold back from an attack unless the government changes its tune in regards to the proposal. The AGD has contacted all agencies believed to be likely targets, including the Department of Broadband Communications, the Australian Communications, and many other sites.

An unnamed network security professional told ZDNet that the group isn't really a threat. "The whole Anonymous thing is fanciful garbage," the source said. "As a group, it's not to be taken seriously."