Golden Coffin Has Built-In Cell Phone

Now this is the way to go: a golden coffin equipped with a built-in cell phone. Priced at a meager $381,000, this eternal bed was apparently designed to distinguish dead billionaires from the lower-classed millionaires.

The golden coffin is currently on tour with many other outrageous items geared for the outrageously rich (including a diamond-studded, cancan-style wedding dress just under $300K). However, it made a recent stop at an international luxury fair in Verona as reported here by the AFP.

We're not exactly sure why anyone would need a built-in cell phone after you're dead and buried. Then again, you could fake your death, place a call to the mistress, have her dig you out, and then run off with the billions you left her in the will.

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  • redplanet_returns
    so if i can somehow afford this, will they cancel my contract if i die??

    oh wait a sec...
  • fflam
    its not so much a problem anymore. but there used to be quite of few people declared dead and buried alive. even now there is still a lot of people with the fear of being buried alive. look up some of the other devices invented so people could notify others if they were mistakenly buried.
  • orbitron
    No thank you.. I want internet.
  • djackson_dba
    If the mistress already has the billions you left her, fat chance she will come dig you up and risk invalidating your death and the will that left her the billions. "I'm sorry, you can't be my lover. He's dead." Click.
  • Camikazi
    sheesh, talk about call from the beyond.
  • zachary k
  • deadlockedworld
    Nooo! the phone is for the OTHER direction. After he's dead his enemies can call and gloat..

    Or the mob can bury people then harass them..
  • micky_lund
    haha. no "saved by the bell" with all that cushioning'd suffocate first
  • rockola
    I have little doubt you have to take the entire thing in to the Apple store when the battery dies.
    Completely Retarded!
    that is all good by