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Cards Against Humanity Donates $70,000 to Wikipedia

If you use the internet with any amount of regularity, chances are you've noticed the Wikimedia Foundation's appeal for donations. The foundation has reached out to users for monetary donations in the past and its current campaign employs yellow banners that move as you scroll down the page. Now, you may ignore these, or even donate $5 or $10 (or the recommended $3), but the makers of popular card game 'Cards Against Humanity' decided to help the folks at Wikimedia out with a fairly substantial donation.

A few weeks back, Cards Against Humanity announced plans for a special holiday expansion pack that it would sell on a 'pay what you want' basis. The company explained how much it would cost to make and ship each unit ($3), but encouraged users to pay whatever they wanted for the expansion pack. This week, CAH released the results of its 'pay what you want' holiday expansion pack program.

The company revealed that they made $295,831.10 after credit card fees. This, less the cost of production and shipping ($225,762.63), left them with a total of $70,066.27 in profit. The company then decided to donate this money to Wikipedia.

"We've made a $70,066.27 contribution to the Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia," the company wrote. "Wikipedia is very important to us because without it we would not have known the exact volume of a dose of fresh boar sperm or graduated college."

While it might sound crazy, Cards Against Humanity is known for its unique business model. The company already makes a version of its game available in downloadable PDF format under a Creative Commons license and offers instructions on how to make your own version for free. It offers this 'Download for Free' option right next to the 'Buy for $25' button.

For a handy breakdown of which states paid the most for the expansion pack as well as information on what the Cards Against Humanity crew could have spent their $70k in profit on, hit up their holiday stats page.

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