BioWare Brings Mass Effect... in Risk Board Game Form?

The videogame industry's ability to enfranchise popular games has never failed to impress. In the past few years, videogame transmedia has been a keyword in most major publisher's financial vocabulary. Adaptations of videogames have arisen out of books, movies, graphic novels, and even, perplexingly, board games. One of the decade's greatest mysteries is why Zynga ever thought up of the Words With Friends board game when Scrabble is doing just fine.

EA's no stranger to looking to transmedia to capitalize on profits for its popular franchises. Mass Effect's gained a movie deal and various book deals… and now, apparently, EA's going the route of Zynga and turning Mass Effect into a board game. Naturally, rather than creating an original board game that could possibly confuse or scare away potential buyers, Mass Effect: The Board Game is actually Risk rebranded.

It all works out quite well, you see. Rather than nations racing towards world domination, Risk: Mass Effect Galaxy at War Edition is probably going to be all about working to dominate the galaxy. Mass Effect 3 had an emphasis on resource gathering war assets, so it's not out of the realm of imagination that Mass Effect Risk is going to deal with something similar.

No other information, such as release date or pricing, has been released as of yet.

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