Obama Victory Image Becomes Facebook's Most Liked Post

Not content with achieving the most retweeted tweet of all time after his presidential election victory (and second most retweeted tweet), Barack Obama has smashed Facebook's all-time 'Like' record.

Shortly after the president of the United States won re-election last night, a photo of the him embracing his wife Michelle was posted on his Facebook page. Currently, it boasts over 3.5 million likes.

The same image was also posted to the president's Twitter account. Soon after, he also set a new record on Twitter for the most retweeted tweet ever -- it's been retweeted over 700,000 times.

The next most popular tweet derived from Justin Bieber with under 224,000 retweets; it was in relation to a young fan who passed away due to cancer.

Meanwhile, an image posted on Mitt Romney's Facebook page received over a third of the 'likes' on Obama's record-setting post on the social networking site. A shot of the candidate and the words "Thank You" gathered over 700,000 virtual thumbs-up thus far.


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