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A Quiet Place 3 release date, possible cast and latest news

A Quiet Place Part II
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A Quiet Place 3 is happening. What, where and who this film will show is open to any number of different interpretations, but after A Quiet Place 2 took a whopping $58 million on its opening, we can certainly be sure that there's a hunger for more muted horror mayhem. 

And though the sequel was no doubt helped along by cinema rebounding after Covid-19 fractured films' production timelines, A Quiet Place 2 was a blinding success. It even managed to set the record in the US for a post-pandemic release.

If you’ve already seen the second film and are pining for more, then the good news is that director John Krasinski has reportedly always had a treasure trove of ideas floating around for new stories, since even before A Quiet Place 2. The post-apocalyptic world of A Quiet Place, it seems, has many more stories buried within it, with Emily Blunt saying that Krasinski has a "whole arc of new ideas" for future tales. 

One quick browse of the web, though, throws out a muddled pile of overlapping and downright confusing info about what exactly A Quiet Place 3 as a title, project and film will constitute. There's been lots of talk over whether that's a straightforward threequel directed by Krasinski or, indeed, a spin-off movie. 

A Quiet Place 3 won't be an official three-quel in the purest sense, as Deadline has reported that the spin-off is now being officially billed as the third installment of the monster film series from an idea stemming from the mind of Krasinki, "broadening the post-apocalyptic world introduced in the first two movies." 

This project could see a bunch of different characters in a new location, still under siege from the same breed of marauding predators from the OG films. But, really, the jury is currently still out on what to expect.

Read on below to find out everything we know about A Quiet Place 3 and what it's tipped to be.

A Quiet Place 3 release date

A Quiet Place 3: Release date

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Although Deadline initially said that A Quiet Place 3 (which would be written and Mud and Midnight Special director, Jeff Nichols) would release sometime in 2022, that's no longer the case. Paramount has just penciled in A Quiet Place movie on the calendar for March 31, 2023. 

Admittedly, earlier reports of a 2022 release date for a possible spin-off had always felt a tad ambitious owing to the gargantuan delays caused by the pandemic. With a likely production backlog to clear before the cinema industry returns to full throttle, Paramount's scheduling of March 2023 feels a lot more feasible.

A Quiet Place 3 cast

If this story does indeed traverse into a different but parallel narrative amidst the monster-ridden world of A Quiet Place, we surely wouldn’t expect that Blunt, Jupe, Symons or the newest cast member from film number two, Cillian Murphy, will reprise their characters. 

A Quiet Place 3: Cast

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Potentially there is room for some cameo spots, but it makes more sense for a completely new story with new characters and cast members.

A Quiet Place 3 plot

A Quiet Place 3: Plot?

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Much of what happens in A Quiet Place 3 will likely rely on how this movie interlinks with the world of the previous two films. It could bridge the story between A Quiet Place 2 and A Quiet Place 3, as some people still expect it to do. Or, of course, it could be a new chapter, taking place after Part II.

Either way, a new film could have a lot of material to play with, including how the world came to be besieged by these alien predators with hyper-alert hearing. It could also veer off into a whole other dimension to explore other contingents living in absolute silence, exploring methods of survival and god knows what else someone would need to survive such a thing. 

As before, Blunt told Collider that Krasinski has plenty of ideas for both a sequel to the Abbott family and for a tangential film, explaining that Krasinki “wanted to see how people responded to this one (A Quiet Place 2) before he fully engaged his brain on the third one. But he has a couple of great ideas.”

A Quiet Place 3: what happens next?

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Of course, A Quiet Place 2 focused on the wonderful Regan Abbott (Millicent Simmonds) and her quest to find the source of a mysterious radio signal, which played 'Beyond the Sea' on a strange loop. If you haven't seen the film yet, please stop reading now because some spoilers will be revealed below. Instead, you can head over to our How to watch A Quiet Place 2 guide and scope out a place to watch it. 

Back to the plot for A Quiet Place 2. In the film, we have the ever-fearless Regan going in search of the signal, heading out to the island to try and determine its origin. Alas, the island is actually a safe haven for humans as the aliens cannot swim; the National Guard rounded up people in the early days of the apocalyptic invasion to safely stow them away from the monsters. Except a monster does eventually arrive, because of course it does. 

There is any number of places a new story could go, so we'll keep you updated as we get more info. Right now, it really is an open book. 

A Quiet Place 3 trailer

No such joy at the moment for any preview photos or teaser trailers. However, we will post these here as soon as they become available. 

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