Telstra just announced another mobile plan price hike, so here are eight great alternatives

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Not content with being the most expensive telco in Australia, Telstra announced today that will once again be raising prices on most of its postpaid and prepaid mobile plans by around AU$2 to AU$4. Postpaid prices will go up from August 27, while the updated prepaid pricing will take effect from October 22.

Telstra says it has moved away from its CPI-linked annual pricing review, stating that the change has "simplified our pricing approach to be more consistent across our products and services, and also reflected there are a range of factors that go into any pricing decision."

The announcement arrives roughly one year after Telstra's last price hikes came into effect, which saw price increases on both SIM-only and mobile broadband plans.

The telecommunications giant also noted that "It takes a lot of work and cost to run a mobile network as large as ours, and even more to support the increased usage we have seen on our network."

You can find Telstra's updated mobile plan pricing in the tables below.

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Telstra mobile postpaid plan changes
PlanOld pricingNew pricingDataDownload speed
StarterAU$50AU$505GB (was 2GB)Uncapped (was 250Mbps)
BasicAU$62AU$6550GBUncapped (was 250Mbps)
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Telstra mobile prepaid plan changes
Old plansNew plansDataExpiryDownload speed
AU$12AU$133GB7 days150Mbps
AU$34AU$3915GB28 days150Mbps
AU$45AU$4925GB28 days150Mbps
AU$55AU$5935GB28 days250Mbps
AU$65AU$6970GB28 daysUncapped
AU$160AU$18070GB6 months150Mbps
AU$320AU$350165GB12 months150Mbps

Best Telstra network alternatives

If you can't abide by Telstra's price increases but still want access to Australia's largest network, you may want to consider a mobile virtual network operator (or MVNO) which resells licensed access to Telstra's network. Here are our three top Telstra network alternatives when it comes to value for money.

Numobile ($30 SIM plan) | 32GB data | No lock-in contract | AU$30p/m

Numobile ($30 SIM plan) | 32GB data | No lock-in contract | AU$30p/m

A relatively new MVNO on the scene, the fittingly-named Numobile gets 3G/4G data from the Telstra network and is offering some pretty good no lock-in plans. Our pick is the $30 SIM plan, which gets you 32GB of data per month and allowing you to bank up to 500GB of unused data. You also get unlimited standard talk and text within Australia, along with an additional 15 countries.

Total minimum cost is AU$30 (1-month) | Total cost for first year: AU$360

Belong 160GB SIM Only Plan160GB data No lock-in contractAU$55p/m

Belong 160GB SIM Only Plan | 160GB data | No lock-in contract | AU$55p/m

Wholly owned by Telstra, Belong is an excellent option for those looking to access Australia's largest network for less. For just AU$55p/m, this plan gets you a massive 160GB of monthly data, which works out to just AU$0.34 per GB. On top of that, you also get 5G network access (capped at 250Mbps).

Total minimum cost is AU$55 (1-month) | Total cost for first year: AU$660

Tangerine | 150GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | No lock-in contract | AU$58p/m

Tangerine | 150GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | No lock-in contract | AU$58p/m

This SIM-only plan from Tangerine offers 150GB of data each month, with a double data bonus on the first three months for new customers. It uses parts of the Telstra 5G, 4G and 3G network and speeds are capped at 250Mbps on 4G and 5G, but for just AU$58p/m, this is a cracking deal. 

Total minimum cost: AU$58 | Yearly cost: AU$696

Of course, if you don't mind leaving the Telstra network, there are a number of other affordable options available from telcos operating on the Optus and Vodafone networks. Here are some of our top picks.

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