Apple tipped to discontinue FineWoven accessories — what we know

iPhone 15 Pro in a FineWoven case
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The reaction to Apple’s FineWoven accessories has not been great, and now it seems the backlash may have led to Apple scrapping production altogether. Or at least that’s what leaker Kosutami has said, noting that production has ceased due to the FineWoven material’s poor durability.

According to the leaker this isn’t a pause in production, it’s all been canceled and the production line has been removed. Apparently Apple will now move onto another material, but this won’t be leather. While this isn’t confirmed, Kosutami has had a string of accurate leaks in the past — especially where FineWoven accessories are concerned. 

There’s still no guarantee the information is 100% correct, but it would make sense for Apple to cancel FineWoven. The material debuted alongside the iPhone 15 as a more sustainable alternative to leather, offering the same premium material experience without the environmental impact.

Unfortunately the backlash to FineWoven was almost instantaneous. Not only were people unhappy with the prospect of losing leather cases and bands, the FineWoven iPhone 15 cases proved to be anything but durable. The cases were reported to be picking up scratches and stains very easily, and certainly isn’t befitting a product that sells for $50. 

We even experienced some of this ourselves, with regular daily use seeing the FineWoven case picking up a multitude of scratches over the course of a couple of weeks. 

It eventually got to the point where Amazon had to add a disclaimer on the FineWoven case sales page. It’s meant to warn potential buyers that a higher-than-average number of the cases get returned, suggesting there are a lot of buyers out there unhappy with the case.

So, if you’re among the minority of people that actually likes FineWoven, you should probably pick up some accessories while you still can. Because there’s a very good chance that whatever you had your eye on, be it an iPhone case, Apple Watch strap or something else, they may not stick around forever.

But I suspect most people will be thrilled to hear that FineWoven may be on its way out. The only question is what’s going to replace it, and when will Apple make everything official? My guess would be the launch of the iPhone 16 later this year, but if that’s the case it means we’ve got a few months of waiting.

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