How my puppy made me buy the iPhone 13 Pro

An iPhone 11 capturing a picture of a puppy
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The new iPhone 13 Pro got a number of upgrades over the previous model, but what I’m excited about most is more storage and the improved camera system. Why? Well, it’s mainly because I want to use the new features to improve my pet photography skills. Not to mention the fact that my trusty iPhone 11 doesn’t stand a chance against the new lineup.

I've been using my iPhone’s camera more often since I picked up my puppy a few months ago. As I attempted to capture every single milestone of his growth, the non-stop pictures and videos quickly cluttered up my camera roll and forced me to upgrade my iCloud storage.

While this might all sound a tad obsessive, dog owners and pet enthusiasts alike will agree that no amount of pictures will ever suffice to express the love that you have for your furry companion. One study even revealed that 65% of dog owners admitted to taking more photos of their dog than of their significant other. 

With pet adoption skyrocketing during the pandemic, many new dog owners like myself may have acquired a new hobby: amateur pet photography. Now, working from home, my life mainly consists of my job, household chores and taking snaps of my puppy throughout the day.

A collage of puppy pictures taken on an iPhone 11

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But although my iPhone 11’s dual camera system has done a solid job capturing my puppy’s curious sleeping positions, it still left me wanting more. 

I’ve had my pastel-yellow iPhone 11 for nearly two years now and I’ve had an absolute blast using it. In fact, I’ve grown so attached to my trusty device that I decided to skip the iPhone 12 and wait for Apple’s next iPhone lineup. But with the newly unveiled iPhone 13 Pro, I finally feel like I’m ready to ditch my iPhone 11’s round edges for a flat-edged design, improved camera system, upgraded storage, an updated ProMotion 120Hz display and Cinematic Mode.

I knew that I wanted to go for one of the Pro models since the iPhone 13 didn’t offer the Telephoto lens and 3x optical zoom. And since the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max aren't so different, I ended up picking the Pro as a more portable option. I can’t wait to use the new Cinematic Mode to test my videography skills and film Hollywood-grade videos of my puppy. Or at least try to. 

I’m also excited to test out the improved low-light performance, since the iPhone 13 lineup features a wide-angle camera that is powered by a sensor that lets in 47% more light compared to that of its predecessor.

iphone 13 pro back leaning against books

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Prior to adopting my puppy, I never once thought that 128GB of storage wouldn’t be enough. But over time, as my camera roll became overwhelmed with thousands of shots, I knew that I needed to pick a model with more storage. Though the Pro models have up to 1TB of storage, an entire terabyte seemed excessive — so I opted for the 512GB configuration. That should be more than even I can fill.

Now, I’m not saying that my puppy’s modeling potential was the sole consideration behind my purchasing decision, but it was an important factor. Previously, all I cared about was the device’s price, battery life and how intuitive the software was (with the latter being the reason why I’ve never owned an Android phone). 

This time, the iPhone 13 Pro's camera and storage were more important to me. When it came down to it, I made a decision based on my personal needs and purposes, as should everyone else.

Denise Primbet
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