Windows 11 is getting more aggressive about nagging users on unsupported PCs

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Microsoft has made it clear that it doesn’t want people running Windows 11 on unsupported machines. Of course, some folks have gone ahead and installed the new operating system even if their devices don’t meet the official Windows 11 requirements. In an attempt to prevent more users from taking such actions, Microsoft will soon add a further warning to let people know Windows 11 isn’t supported on their PCs.

Windows Latest (via TechRadar) spotted a tweet from well-known leaker, Albacore, where they discussed the new warning seen in the latest preview build of Windows 11. The preview build is available to anyone currently subscribed to the Windows Insider Program.

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A warning that simply says “System requirements not met” can be seen in System Settings in the top left part of the window. There is also a link that gives you more information about why your machine doesn’t meet Window 11’s strict system requirements.

Microsoft has previously warned users that installing Windows 11 on unsupported devices may prevent them from receiving crucial system updates. That’s a best-case scenario. At worst, running Windows 11 on unsupported hardware could possibly damage one’s machine. Considering how Microsoft wants as many users as possible to upgrade to Windows 11 without issue, it makes sense for it to take measures to prevent such scenarios.

As TechRadar notes, getting a warning after you’ve installed Windows 11 on an unsupported device suggests Microsoft has a vested interest in discouraging users from installing the latest version of Windows on hardware that shouldn’t. Microsoft already sprinkles such warning across its Windows 11 marketing materials and upgrade menus, and it’s likely Microsoft will grow more aggressive about pushing such warnings in the future.

If the prospect of being nagged about your PC not meeting Windows 11's stringent system requirements bothers you, take heart: As we said in our Windows 11 review, Windows 10 users shouldn’t feel obligated to upgrade to the new operating system at this time. Yes, the new UI is nice and some of the new features make it more user-friendly – but, at the moment, Windows 11 doesn’t offer substantial upgrades to Windows 10.

So if you don't meet Windows 11 requirements, it may be best to wait until you upgrade to one of the best laptops that runs the new OS before you make the switch.

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