Windows 11 is getting a much-needed feature that will make your life easier

Image of restore apps feature on Microsoft Store in Windows 11
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You will soon be able to restore apps on Windows 11. The much-needed feature, missing from Windows for years now, will let users restore apps previously installed from the Microsoft Store on to a new Windows device.

Right now, Microsoft Store does not have an automatic way to restore apps, which forces users to manually install apps from their library. But Microsoft says it plans to soon test out the feature in its Insider channel.

The ability to restore apps will be useful for people who switch PCs often or for people who use multiple devices. It will spare users from having to rely on third-party applications or downloading their apps again. 

In a blog post Microsoft’s Giorgio Sardo, the general manager of Microsoft Store, says the restore apps feature will "make it easier for customers to transition to their new PCs quickly and seamlessly." He also adds that the feature will “help developers retain their customers without having to remind customers to re-download their app.”

In the Library section on Microsoft Store, users will be able to see which apps are installed on their current device or other devices and which ones have been uninstalled altogether. From here, users can click apps they want and then click on “restore” to bring them back. 

Sardo's blog post also details other notable features that will be introduced to Windows 11 in the future including, how users can discover apps in Windows Search and download them directly from there. Microsoft is also introducing Microsoft Store Ads to help developers get their apps noticed.

Image of different apps on Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Store has seen many top applications land on its virtual shelves since its debut last year. Useful apps like Firefox, Canva, Adobe Express, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Zoom are all there. But there are still some key apps that are missing. Microsoft has announced it will remove the wait list for win32 applications, opening up the store to all developers.

With more applications being added to the Microsoft Store everyday, the restore apps feature becomes all the more important for users to have.

Microsoft issues fairly regular updates to Windows 11, as it looks to beef up the operating system. Recently Windows 11 was testing a major change for its desktop with an optional web search bar. And now there’s news that Microsoft will add support third party Windows 11 widgets later this year.

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