Windows 10 update is slowing down PCs — yup, it's another dumpster fire

Dumpster fire Windows 10
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Microsoft's latest Windows 10 update kerfuffle is giving people more negative reinforcement for downloading the company's updates. It's slowing down PCs.

According to Windows Latest, Windows Update KB4559309 is claimed to be connected to some PCs slower performance. Oh and it's not like you can easily opt out, as KB4559309 is being installed automatically for many, helping Microsoft deliver the Chromium Edge to all on Windows 10.

The reports of slow performance were originally posted to Microsoft's forums. User PaulWaite1 didn't mince words, with his post titled "Update KB4559309 Makes Computer Unbearably Slow."

It gets worse, as he writes "Since then my computer performance has absolutely tanked. my startup time is probably triple, loading any window has a few second delay." Plus, he's unable to uninstall the update, making things far worse, with the ultimate nightmare: "This update has essentially rendered my brand new computer useless."

This is the latest Windows 10 update flaw, which is giving everyone a bad impression of Microsoft's quality control.

What to do about it

While we often advise people to uninstall misbehaving Windows 10 updates, that can't be done here.

So, the first option is to manually download the Chromium-based Edge yourself. This reportedly will block KB4559309 from automatically hitting your system. 

Alternatively, your next best option is to use Windows 10 System Restore feature. Full details can be found here , under "Restore from a system restore point."

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