We built an AI-powered Prime Day chatbot that will find you the best deals — probably!

Update: we've updated the bot so that it now indexes more websites, shows more deals and should give you better, more helpful responses. We're going to keep upgrading this tool today so please do have a play with it and let us know what you think!

Original article: What do you get if you cross the bargain hunting instincts of 300 deals writers across 50 review websites, with the power of an AI-enhanced chatbot? The ultimate Prime Day shopping companion… probably!

We’ve built a Prime Day chatbot to help you find the Amazon Prime Day deals you’re looking for. By combining the deal-hunting skills of the Tom’s Guide team with that of our stablemate sites like TechRadar, Golf Monthly, PC Gamer, Marie Claire and Live Science, and combining it with the power of artificial intelligence we hope to make it easier for you to discover deals and work out which ones are the best fit for you.

Whether you’re after a new mountain bike, a laptop or a cheap hairdryer, if the deal has been highlighted by our experts, you’ll find it in our chatbot. We hope.

OK so cards on the table, this is very experimental and we only got this chatbot up, running and online about 30 mins But if you’d like to have a go at using the bot please do so below and let us know how you get on. Another way to think of it is as AI powered search for Prime Day deals.

Tom's Guide Editor in Chief Mark Spoonauer just gave it a whirl and was impressed when he asked "What's the best Prime Day TV deal." The PrimeBot gave a good answer. 

The Amazon Fire TV 43-inch Omni Series 4K TV is one of the best Prime Day deals so far. It's a simple and straightforward 4K TV that's great for general day-to-day viewing and supports 4K resolutions and HDR 10 for superior picture quality. It's also invite-only and is available for under $100.

Powered by tech from OpenAI, the people behind ChatGPT, our bot will surface product and deal recommendations from across our sites, linking directly to the deals at Amazon as well as to the pages where we’ve recommended them.

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