Today's Worldle answer — game #63, Friday, March 25

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Had enough of Wordle serving up impossible solutions? Well then how about swapping five-letter words for countries and finding today's Worldle answer instead. Although you may not need it today, as it's an easy one.

The idea behind Worldle is a simple one — you get six guesses to find the mystery country or territory (that last bit is sometimes important), with each turn telling you how far away you are from the target and in which direction.  

Like its siblings, Worldle resets each day, so if you miss one game you'll have no way of knowing what the previous day's answers were. However, we'll be keeping track of the last few games in this article, as well as giving you hints for today's Worldle answer. And, if you're really stuck, you can even find out the answer below — though that's not as much as getting it right on your own. 

Warning: spoilers lie ahead for game #63, so only read on if you want to know today's Worldle answer! 

Today's Worldle hints

Before I go ahead and reveal today's Worldle answer, I'll give you a couple of starter clues to guide you in the right direction. 

  • It has one of the lowest population densities in the world
  • It's connected to one country solely by a bridge and tunnel
  • More than 50% of it is covered by forest

That may be enough to guide you in the right direction, but here's another clue for today's Worldle answer in case you really need it: Meatballs.

Alright, that's the hints done with — time for the solution.

Today's Worldle answer, game #63, Friday, March 25

So, what is today's Worldle answer for game #63?

Drumroll please… it's Sweden of course.

It was tough thinking up clues for this one without giving it away entirely. Certainly no mention of ABBA, Volvos or Ikea. 

Not sure where Sweden is? Here's your map:

I got today's Worldle answer on the second go, but it should really have been the first.

I thought it looked familiar, and given that I've been there, it really should do. However for some reason I guessed Thailand first.

This wasn't just wrong, but also spectacularly stupid, as Thailand looks nothing like Sweden. Instead, I was thinking of Vietnam — which does bear a slight resemblance to Sweden, in that both are north-south countries with a coastline on the east, something which is immediately apparent in the image.

Worldle 63

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Once that was flagged as being wrong by 8000km in a northwesterly direction I knew it was definitely around Northern Europe, and at that point I realized it had to be Sweden. Hopefully you all got it too. 

Previous Worldle answers

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