Meet Worldle — the new geography-based Wordle alternative

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The growing list of best Wordle alternatives just got another entry, in the form of the very similarly named Worldle. This super-challenging puzzle game tests your geographical knowledge and will have you coming back eager to play each day — although it might also leave you searching for today's Worldle answer

Worldle's premise is extremely simple: You’re given the outline of a country, and have six chances to guess the correct location. Unlike the original Wordle, you’re not given hints in the form of correct letters, but rather geographical proximity to the target country. 

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So, for example, if the Worldle of the day was Czechia and your first guess was Denmark, you’d be told that the correct country is 821km away. You’re helped even further by an arrow which informs you which direction the target country is in relation to your guess. So in our example Denmark is to the north-west of Czechia. You’re also given a proximity percentage to inform you how close you are to the correct answer. 

Using these clues, your aim is to triangulate the country. This is assuming of course you can’t work out the location solely from the country's distinctive outline. We reckon when Italy appears, a lot of people will probably get the Worldle in one! 

If you’re finding things a little too easy, you can opt to have the image of the country randomly rotated or even hidden entirely. This creates a sort of Worldle hard mode. But be warned: if you’re going to play Worldle with the difficulty ramped up, you will need an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the world. 

This geography-based puzzler is far from the only Wordle alternative out there. If you find the original too easy then you could try Absurdle, which is sort of like the game’s very evil twin. Or Squabble, which is a frantic (and very good) battle royale version of the original. If you’re more of a numbers person then make sure to try out Mathler, which swaps out letters for tricky numerical equations.  

Wordle and its various spin off games have taken the world by storm over the past few weeks, but it’s not all been smooth sailing for the popular web game. Its recent transfer to the New York Times has seen some players lose their streaks and stats, which has caused serious heartache for the game’s most competitive players. 

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