This Notchless iPhone 11 Concept Is the One We Want

(Image credit: Harsha Venna)

Endless iPhone 11 leaks have made us skeptical about Apple’s ability to provide a major surprise at tomorrow’s event. What we’ve seen so far is a device indistinguishable from the iPhone X, XR, XS and XS Max from the front. While the rear camera arrangement is the iPhone 11’s key aesthetic difference, the iPhone 11 seems to reuse much of previous designs, large top notch and all. 

Meanwhile, Apple’s competitors are widening the screen-to-body ratio with inventive camera setups and modern displays, working towards the all-screen smartphone we truly desire. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10/10 Plus brought us close with its hole punch front cameras, while the OnePlus 7 Pro’s pop-camera eliminates the need to allot valuable display real-estate to a selfie cam.

(Image credit: Harsha Venna)

Apple will likely take similar steps for future iPhones, and one concept artist has an idea what an all-screen rendition could look like. Harsha Venna recently published an imaginative series of sleek iPhone designs for a device he deems the iPhone XI Pro.

“Taking a cue from the iPad Pro, the Stainless Steel band is now flat, making it sharper to the touch and much easier to hold,” Venna writes of his concept, uploaded to Behance.

The iPhone XI Pro has thin bezels, sharp edges, and a compact oblong hole punch housing the front-facing cameras and speaker. It’s sleek, fresh, and a realistic update to the current iPhone standard.

(Image credit: Harsha Venna)

Venna’s iPhone XI Pro concept also features USB-C charging, an oblong rear-camera setup, and three color options. The cosmic blue finish is especially alluring.

When the iPhone 11 series is announced tomorrow, for a moment we’ll forget about its aging design to celebrate its other updates and features. Then it’s on to iPhone 12 rumors and a re-sparked hope for a better screen-to-body ratio.

Kate Kozuch

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