This amazing desk integrates a transparent OLED to save space

Caelum is a concept desk designed to have a transparent OLED in the center.
(Image credit: LG Display)

Turns out that your computer desk might be in for an upgrade — if this new concept presented by LG Display is anything to go by.

The concept, called ‘Caelum’ (pictured above) and created by Turkish designer Cagatay Afsar, integrates a 27-inch transparent OLED panel into the partition of a desk that can be turned off when not in use. Instead of putting a monitor on your desk, this desk comes with one built-in.

“We’re spending increasing amounts of time at our desks, since working from home has become so commonplace,” Afsar said. “As our desks are so important now, I wanted to integrate technology into them in a more stylish way.”

Of course, keep in mind that this is just a design concept — not a real product that you’ll see made by LG Electronics anytime in the near future. 

LG Display’s competition imagines the future of displays 

LG Display’s transparent OLEDs have been popping up in a lot of places recently. We saw them a few months ago at a fundraising event at The Guggenheim and last year in another concept shot where a transparent OLED disappeared into a bed frame when it’s not in use.

The concepts are always cool to look at, fun to imagine and, for LG Display, a good marketing opportunity to keep its displays top of mind for other manufacturers.

To that end, there are a few other winners from LG Display’s OLEDs GO! Competition that were pretty neat: “Tiny” (pictured below) combines a foldable desk with a rollable transparent OLED that would allow you to have both a functioning desk and an entertainment stand in one piece of furniture.

This concept, called Tiny, builds an OLED TV into a swivel desk.

This concept, called Tiny, builds an OLED TV into a swivel desk. (Image credit: LG Display)

Another, called “Totem,” adds a rollable transparent OLED display into a soundbar that can be positioned horizontally or vertically in a room. It sounds very similar to the Rollable OLED we saw at CES a few years ago but built right into a soundbar. 

Unfortunately these concepts will remain on the drawing board until some company — maybe LG Electronics, Samsung, IKEA or someone else entirely — puts them into production.

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