The Cooler Master Orb X is a $15,000 mega pod for work and play

Cooler Master Orb X
(Image credit: Cooler Master)

Lots of people put effort into their home office or the setup for their ultimate gaming PC. You need the best gaming chair, a desk for your keyboard and your mouse, etc. But what if you could take care of a lot of that all at once… in an immersive pod?

That’s the question that Cooler Master seems to have answered with its new Orb X, a gaming pod that is designed to be the future of gaming. And it’s certainly futuristic. The pod is surrounded by ARGB LED lighting strips that give it a look almost from the movie Tron, with a monitor arm that swings up and down to let you into the pod.

As ridiculous as the picture I’m painting for you may sound, it appears the reality is pretty nice. Our friends at Tom’s Hardware got to go and test the Orb X out last month and they came away pleasantly surprised with the level of immersion. Almost as important, they didn’t find the immersion to be claustrophobia-inducing. 

They did note though, that the design feels more suited for a public gaming station rather than a personal home entertainment pod, which seems at odds with who would actually want to buy this setup. To be fair, the marketing for Orb X agrees with Tom’s Hardware’s assessment. 

Cooler Master has a teaser trailer that shows people sitting down to take an emergency meeting or gaming at a bar. Given that we don’t yet know the price for the Orb X, maybe businesses will be the sole target audience, but if you’re interested in Cooler Master’s immersive pod, you can register for the waiting list at its website. 

Cooler Master Orb X: Some assembly required

Cooler Master Orb X

(Image credit: Cooler Master)

While we don’t know officially how much the Orb X will cost (rumors are it will be $15,000), we can’t imagine it will be cheap. The pod includes a reclining chair, an extra large desk that will wirelessly charge your phone, 2.1 surround sound speakers and a monitor arm that can support up to three 27-inch monitors (or one 34-inch monitor).

Of course, you’ll also need to buy the monitor(s). While the Orb X comes with everything you need in terms of ports and wiring, you still need to buy the monitor(s), PC, keyboard and mouse. So if you think you could be interested in the Cooler Master Orb X, make sure you check out our buying guides to the best gaming PCs, best monitors, best keyboards and best mouse so you’re prepared to build your ultimate setup. 

Even if you aren’t interested in buying the Orb X, the holidays are the perfect time to get a great PC gaming deal, so check out our deals coverage if you’re looking to upgrade. 

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