Spotify’s 'Supermium' HiFi Tier reportedly has several never-before-seen features

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It’s been six long years since its announcement, but Spotify’s HiFi subscription tier may be coming sooner than we thought. According to a newly uncovered reference in Spotify’s source code, HiFi is ready to launch with several never-before-seen features.

Spotted by u/Hypixely on Reddit and reported by The Verge, Spotify appears to be going with the name 'Supermium' to describe its HiFi tier and plans to include 24-bit lossless audio for subscribers. 

On top of the higher bitrate music, Supermium will include AI-curated playlists that can sort your library by mood, activity, and genre — a feature we’ve seen Spotify deploy in its most recent Daylist playlist — and a way to sort music by its beats per minute. For DJs, or those looking to create the best possible playlists, that’s a great feature. 

Lastly, the source code mentions allowing users to listen to 30 hours of audiobooks per month — a handy feature if you often find yourself buying them on Amazon or Apple. 

Here’s what it’s going to cost you… 

So how much is Supermium going to cost each month? According to the Redditor, it’s $19.99 per month, though they admit that this number could be a placeholder. 

That being said, $19.99 per month sounds right on the money — that’s how much Tidal charges for its premium service. 

Would HiFi audio and some DJ-centric features be enough to convince users to make the upgrade? That part’s still unclear, but considering that some 220 million people currently subscribe to the service, it’s entirely possible that a few million would be willing to pay a bit more for higher-quality streaming. 

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